Success Stories

We’re working with schools, families, students and local communities to change the picture of education for nearly 1.5 million kids every year. Meet our kids and the site coordinators who support them.

Across the Country, Shapefuture are transforming themselves to prepare students for success in a 21st-century democracy and global society. Take a look at what educators and communities are doing right now to meet this challenge.

According to available data, out of 9,700 students who qualified for the IIT this year, 5,500 were from the CBSE. It means the CBSE board students contributed to 56 per cent of the total students joining the IITs.

Learn how districts that offer their students Fuel Education personalized learning solutions are increasing graduation rates and promoting a higher level of student engagement.

Success in maths. Success in life.

Start your children on the road to success and help them become more confident students. You'll appreciate how Shapefuture tracks their progress and keeps you informed every step of the way. Watch and be amazed as they master new topics and become proficient in essential skills.

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