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  • Junior Classes

    Shapefuture.in invites children to discover the natural world through a variety of unique, interactive experiences. Help your kids learn about history, geography, government, and much, much more.

  • Senior Classes

    We covers just about every topic and subject that might need or want to know. We have everything from mind-blowing science experiments. These hands-on activities are sure to help show your growing kid the lighter side of learning.

  • Model Test Papers

    Our Online worksheets introduce and reinforce a variety of grade-appropriate subjects, including physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Social Sciences, anatomy, historical figures, probability, ecosystems, poetry, and more.

  • Standard Q&As

    Freedom to study at your own space and pace.Three pronged approach of 'Learn', 'Practice' and 'Test' to fulfill all study requirements.

  • Numerical Questions

    It's an exciting time in a child's educational journey, and you can keep the acquisition of these new skills fun with our great Numerical questions: organized by standards, recommended by teachers, and created with key academic skills in mind.

  • Solved Board Papers

    Prepare for CBSE/ICSE Board papers, with the help of previous years solved question papers. Get the latest pattern. This will help students develop his expertise for his future Assessment.

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